Uleshka visits visionary architect and social entrepreneur Van Bo Le-Mentzel from the Tiny Foundation who is known for his radical approach to create cheap, affordable living solutions for everyone. We talk about whether or not tiny houses make sense in the countryside and how they can be used as new models of affordable living. One of his students – Augustina Busiah from the Ohemaa Green Housing Project truly inspires with her startup, where plastic gets pressed into lego-style building blocks to create affordable, sustainable housing. This is exactly the kind of spirit we would love to have in Pretschen: what can we find here (materials, ideas, knowledge, weather conditions…) and how can we use it for sustainable and affordable co-living?

I can’t even count Van Bo’s initiatives and student involvement, but Kathleen here was the first person (another student from Van Bo) who happened to interview Uleshka for a very first ever interview about Pretschen and the Lehrlingsheim. Thank you for the fun, interest and inspiration.